ELAC 2+2 Program

About ELAC
East Los Angeles College empowers students to achieve their educational goals, to expand their individual potential, and to successfully pursue their aspirations for a better future for themselves, their community and the world.
In order to fulfill this College Mission, the college has developed four goals. These goals serve as the broad planning objectives through which all other college planning documents and departmental plans will be based. Together these goals provide a foundation for building a true agenda of student success.
East Los Angeles College International Student Program provides Associate Degrees in various majors and transferable university credit courses (2+2 Program). Our primary goal is to provide the first two years of tertiary education leading to a four-year degree. It is our goal to transfer a majority of the students into their final two years of study at the University of California (UC), the California State University (CSU) or private universities have unique transfer relationships with prestigious universities throughout the Untied States including UCLA, UC Berkeley, and USC. We invite you to take advantage of our many academic, cultural, and social opportunities.
We invite you to spend your first two years of education with us. We are sure you will have a great experience. We'll also give you an invaluable introduction to a new country, its university systems, the delights of California and your own potential to explore, grow and learn.
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Goal 1:
Increasing student success and academic excellence through student-centered instruction, student-centered support services, and dynamic technologies.
Goal 2:
Increasing equity in successful outcomes by analyzing gaps in student achievement and using this to identify and implement effective models and programming to remedy these gaps.
Goal 3:
Sustaining community-centered access, participation, and preparation that improves the college's presence in the community, maximizes access to higher education and provides outlets for artistic, civic, cultural, scientific and social expression as well as environmental awareness.

Goal 4:
Ensuring institutional effectiveness and accountability through data-driven decision-making as well as evaluation and improvement of all college programs and governance structures.
Through our emerging focus on student-centered instruction, student-centered services, and integrated learning, East Los Angeles College will be an exemplary model for student academic achievement, skill development, and artistic expression.